Packaging Guru for all your packaging products.

Packaging Guru (PG) specialises as a nodal point between the manufacturers of specific packaging products or products associated with packaging. We focus on the food packaging industry, but can source other products as well. We are not retailers or wholesalers of packaging, but rather supply to distributors . Please note that minimum quantities apply and that we will make no exceptions on this. PG will put its clients in direct contact with the manufacturer and the client will be invoiced by the manufacturer. We represent manufacturers to ensure the best possible pricing for the client!

Our business philosophy is to ensure that the client receives a top quality product at the best possible price. The manufacturers selected by us are reputable and service delivery is a non-negotiable! The other side of the coin however needs to be kept in mind by any potential client! PG will not refer any client to the manufacturer before a thorough evaluation of the potential client’s trading record. Please note that all exports outside the borders of SA will be strictly payment in advance.  

PG strives to be a one stop nodal point that will enable its clients to setup a business with most competitive price advantage possible! Prices are negotiated on behalf  of all clients and smaller businesses get the advantage of the same pricing of some of PG bigger clients! PG already has an extensive client base, including supermarket groups in southern Africa. Clients in Africa have the advantage that they get direct access to SA manufacturers without any third party involvement!