Our Packaging Product range include the following: Fiolene, Cake Boxes, Mob Covers, Sleeve Covers & Aprons, PET Bottles, Plastic Cutlery, Polystyrene trays and take away boxes (Fomo), Foilene, Bopp Bags, Polyprop bags, Bin Liners, Printed Bags, Butcher Bags, Carry Bags, Refuse Bags (including biodegradable), Biodegradable Food Packaging, Abrasive Pads.

For more information, send an email to sales@packagingguru.co.za or complete the Contact Us form with your details and requirements. Please feel welcome to phone Andre at 081 576 1494. 

PG supplies Fomo in white and black trays and the range includes both fast food containers, such as the nr 40/41 and 6, as well as flat trays such as 14, 70, 71 and 69. 

The range includes most of the popular sizes in the fast food industry such as the RL 90, 250, 350,500 and 1Lt  

  PVC Food Wrap The food wrap/cling wrap/vita film on offer is food grade compliant and can be issued with a food safety certificate per batch/roll. The manufacturing facility in ISO compliant and only food grade non-carcinogenic raw mater

This specialized item is widely used by chicken abattoirs, pie makers and the medical industry and can be used both as a bin liner, a separating barrier between raw or frozen meat portions or as individual packing for chicken portions. Applications&n

This high grade plastic cutlery range, (forks ,Knives , dessert spoons , tea spoons ,and coffee stires)  can has extra strengthening at the back and can be prepacked in a range of combinations with serviettes, tooth picks and salt and pepper. It

This range includes a wide variety of cake and fast food boxes. Boxes can be printed up to four colours according to the design selected by the client. Deliveries in the Limpopo, Mpumalanga and the Free State regions can be arranged if bulk quan

This product is widely used in the SA farming industry and quality and price makes this a winner.Various colours weights and lenghts are available   

Woven Poliprop and Maize Bags are available in a full range of  printed an plain Bags in the most popular sizes.  

This range includes printed and non printed carry bags, butcher bags, refuse bags and printed bags for farmers.    

The Packaging Guru supplies Mop Covers, Beard Covers, Sleeve Covers and Aprons products directly from the importers. We source PPE directly from the importers. Items include: Mop Covers Beard Covers Aprons Sleeve Covers Shoe Covers

This range includes all pack sizes, as well as the weight that the client might want and can be packed under the client’s own brand. Pot scourers can be made in either single tie or double tie. Scouring pads are available in all grades, colours

The plastic bags available to the client stretches over the whole range of LDPE bags available in SA. These include printed and unprinted carry bags, printed bags for the food industry, butcher bags, refuse bags, portion bags etc. Printing can be don

This range of gusseted, non- gusseted plain or printed bags are used in many applications such as the packaging of nuts, sweets, cookies and buscuits. We can also supply metallised  bags for cold meats, coffee and spices